I am currently working towards a PhD in philosophy at Saint Louis University where my interests are moral psychology, philosophy of music, moral sentimentalism, and virtue epistemology. More specifically, I am in the early stages of defending a moral sentimentalist approach to moral testimony seated in narrative. My focus is on popular music as moral narratives and whether this idea should motivate us to more critically reflect on the content associated with popular music.

My concerns are popular narratives and moral judgment. Authors such as Martha Nussbaum, Linda Zagzebski, and Eleonore Stump have argued that through its harnessing and expression of emotions, narratives corresponding in works of literature can be a source of moral knowledge. To this end, my interests are largely in emotion and narrative in moral epistemology, moral psychology and sentimentalist ethics.

There are two approaches that I am especially interested in however. In addition to my dissertation research on narratives, emotion and moral knowledge, I am also working on a project where I investigate the use of sentiment analysis in order to test more ancient intuitions (e.g. Greek literature) regarding the relationship between narratives and moral character development. I propose that casting a wider net using sentiment analysis and other computer aided natural language processes allows us to critically analyze music genres rather than only individual works. I think that this work could have important practical applications such as empirically testing for moral content or by quantitatively measuring moral features in textual applications.

To this end, I am a member of Feminist X-Phi, a research group backed by Cuny Graduate Center’s X-Phi lab overseen by Jesse Prinz, as well as the project data science for public good. With Feminist X-Phi, I will also be attending several workshops over the summer (2021), at the end of which, as a group we will create a working X-Phi lesson plan and syllabus designed to be suitable for an introductory philosophy course.

Before coming to Saint Louis University, I previously earned a master of arts’ degree in philosophy from Oklahoma State University and a bachelor of arts’ degree from Seattle Pacific University.